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Articles on breeding birds by Gail J. Worth
What is the difference between a breed and a species?

 Find an avian veterinarian
 another link to find avian veterinarians with the help of Drs. Scott Echols (Captive Foraging) and Brian Speer
(Birds For Dummies and The Large Macaws) have available the
Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume I, II, and III".
These DVDs were created by leading avian veterinarians and bird care specialists.
Topics include bird identification, housing, nutrition, toxins, identifying general illness and finding an avian veterinarian.
These DVDs are designed as a reliable resource on avian care that pet stores can offer their bird-owning clients.
For more information, go to

AVIAN MEDICINE: Principle and Applications by Ritchie, Harrison and Harrison (online reference manual)

Please look! Lost/Found/Stolen Birds/Parrots page
911 Parrot Alert- International Database for Lost and Found Birds
advice page for finding a lost bird

Internet Crime Complaint Center:

 know the facts about importing eggs/birds into the US

I'm constantly hearing reports of pet birds flying away!
It only takes a few seconds with a door being open accidentally and your bird could be gone forever!


top ten killers of pet birds
Please be very careful during
cold/hot weather!
Check your bird's wings and
be very careful with open doors!

our family pets

We're sleeping!

You might notice some odd behaviors in your pet birds.
Please see the pages linked below for some insight!


click to see what we do here!

breeding behavior
in pet birds

Why is the Hahn's Macaw Gail's favorite small parrot species?

Hahn's Macaws



This book will help you so much to understand spring breeding behavior in parrots!
The Parrot Who Owns Me; the Story of a Relationship by Joanna Burger
This is one of my favorite books about parrots! Written by a world-renowned ornithologist, this book will give the reader invaluable insight into the mind of a parrot. It is a warm, funny, and touching account of the author's special relationship with her Salvin's Red-Lored Amazon Parrot. Not to be missed! order this book now from here for more info about the book

The California Parrot Project

 Miscellaneous pages about our nursery, pets, ranch, & staff

 Our hard-
working staff

 owner info
Gail J.Worth

Our family
pet birds

our coastal location

fun and games in the nursery!

smokey photos 11/26/03

Let's flap! 9/28/01

goofy behavior of
Bare-Eyed Cockatoos!

a hot day in January! 1/05

water Iris

photos of our beloved
pet birds

breeding behavior in our pet birds

 OUR RANCH Rancho Papagallo
Ranch 2000 construction
10-02 Ranch photos
visit to Ranch 3-26-03
  visit to Rancho Papagallo 10/22/04

  visit to Rancho Papagallo 6/4/03 

There was a large brush fire near our nursery facility on 7/13/05.
See images on this page

Miscellaneous pages re: bird care
Find an avian veterinarian

The importance of phytonutrients
in your bird's diet

 good information on
feather plucking

 bathing your pet bird

 spring parrot behavior

 your new bird

 Symptoms of an ill bird 

  Why does my bird
do that?

 answers to questions
about birds

 gender determination in baby Eclectus Parrots

spring/summer breeding behavior
in pet birds

dangerous to birds
PLEASE don't wait for a tragedy to happen! PROTECT your pet birds against predators- dogs, cats,
raccoons, bobcats, etc.
I hear these sad tales

  molting feathers


links to bird care articles by
Larry Nemetz, DVM

I received this email on 11/23/07. PLEASE READ AND BE WARNED!
 NONSTICK, SELF CLEANING OVEN ALERT "Our Dear T.and P. C. (names withheld) lost 3 of their feathery children on Thanksgiving day. A tragedy that I pray none of us ever have to go through. They had no idea that the self cleaning oven they have, and NEVER used was a danger to anyone. Bubba, the Severe Macaw, fell off his perch and Tammy called me as she did not see it happen but the bird was quite stressed. My first question was are you cooking with anything non stick. Of course her answer was NO. She brought the bird over to my home and we treated for shock and swelling in case the fall caused a problem. The bird responded directly and went right to Tammys shoulder. She took Bubba home. She called me in an hour to tell me the bird had died. And an hour after that she called again to say that it was something in her house, 2 more birds were going fast. I again asked about the non stick cook wear, and got a NO answer. I then asked about a self cleaning oven and got a Yes but never used. I knew instantly that that was the culprit. Tammy and Paul already had all the birds outside and the house airing out thinking it might be a gas leak.
Christmas is coming and everyone that is cooking and has birds...
IF YOU HAVE A SELF CLEANING OVEN- BOARD THE BIRDS..... Nothing that is non stick is safe and no self cleaning oven is either. The gasses from these monsters act like an acid on the birds insides and kill them very quickly....We can only be thankful that the other four birds were spared. PLEASE WARN YOUR FRIENDS THAT HAVE BIRDS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEATHERY CHILDREN. You have now been warned, take no chances, This is far to important to ignore. Our love to Tammy and Paul our hearts are with you and thank you for letting me tell your sad story so that we can, hopefully , save the lives of other birds in the future. P.S. Janet went out and bought a new stove today and dumped her self cleeaning one." Karen Allen, President, South Bay Bird Society

Featured species and species profiles

 Featured Species
Panama Amazon,
A Love Story

Gail's favorite small species,
the Hahn's Macaw

Featured Species
Ducorp's Cockatoo


See photos of a baby Slender-Billed Corella Cockatoo growing!

See the baby Toco Toucans we handfed from hatching in '99

updated 5/31/03
Please note: We do not sell toucans nor
do we usually recommend them for pets.

 Subspecies of
our Jardine Parrots
(We no longer raise
Jardine Parrots, sorry.)

 Species Profiles
photos and information

 Miscellaneous pages about travel, bird-watching,
birds in natural habitats, and more!

Irian Jaya (Papua),
trip report-bird-watching
and scuba diving in
Indonesian New Guinea!


underwater photographs
by Gail J. Worth

Dream Artists-Free Animations and graphics

Bali/Komodo photos 4/03
Bligh Water-Fiji 11/04

 Click here (page four) to see a clip of Dave Venanzi's underwater film, "Diving Into History: Wrecks of The South Pacific" that was presented at the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition on 10/18/02 at the San Diego Natural History Museum Theater in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

photos of Jamaican Amazons nesting in the wild!

photos of a Green-Winged Macaw nest in the wild!

final update 6/24/03

Attacked by The Hornbill!

map to birding clubs in US
 map to US birding hotspots





visit to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

trip to beautiful Bali, Indonesia


You thought your bird makes a mess!
Off to see the Lizard-
a visit to Komodo National Park!
Read about the New World breeding season.

Click here to see lots more images of our baby birds!


See Gail's photo of baby cockatoos in pinfeathers in the March/03 issue of Scientific American in an article titled "Which Came First, the Feather or the Bird?"(image in published magazine)

 Answers to Mystery Contests from past years

July '00
 July '99

 Oct '98

 Sept '98

Aug '98
  July '98  June '98

 For those that grieve the loss of a beloved bird

Join us for breakfast!

Click the links below to see LOTS of nursery photos!
'05 nursery photos- pg.5updated 8/5/05
'05 nursery photos- pg.4updated7/25/05
'05 nursery photos- pg.3updated 6/21/05
'05 nursery photos- pg.2updated 5/10/05
'05 nursery photos- pg.1updated 3/30/05
'04 nursery photos- pg.5 updated12/31/04
'04 nursery photos- pg.4 updated 7/27/04
'04 nursery photos- pg.3 updated 6/16/04
'04 nursery photos- pg.2 updated 5/6/04
'04 nursery photos- pg.1 updated 3/11/04

'03 nursery photos, pg.4 updated 12/31/03
'03 nursery photos, pg.3 updated 8/19/03
'03 nursery photos, pg.2 updated 6/4/03
'03 nursery photos, pg.1 updated 3/27/03 

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photos from 2000

photos from 1999

Baby Faces

emails from our customers
our customers' pet birds (owners' photos of birds purchased from us)

Dave is FREE!
David A. Venanzi
om mani padme hum
read/sign Dave's guestbook
My husband, Dave, was diagnosed with StageIIIb Bone Marrow Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, in 2/01. We were told he would likely survive another year to three years. After an autologous stem cell transplant, he relapsed in 2003 and was treated with a number of chemotherapy regimens. Due to Dave's rapidly escalating illness in 2005, we closed the business in October of 2005 for a few months, as I needed to devote time to my husband's care after an allogeneic stem cell transplant in 11/05. I saw the need to reduce my work load. To keep my staff paid and all of us eating, I sold some of our favorite breeding pairs. This has been a very difficult time for all of us at Aves International, but we have been reorganizing the business a bit. My husband returned home from the hospital in 12/05, after a bone marrow transplant, and continued to valiantly fight Multiple Myeloma until his death on 7/11/08. Please click here if you wish to read about Dave's allogeneic stem cell (bone marrow) transplant for Multiple Myeloma in 11/05.

Dave is FREE! David A. Venanzi 7/19/59 - 7/11/08
My very beloved husband, Dave coded in ICU early in the morning on 7/9/08. Although he was resuscitated, he was in extremely critical condition for two days and Dave left on his own terms 7/11/08. It is a bitter irony for me in that we had just received a new experimental drug that I had extremely high hopes would greatly benefit Dave. Unfortunately, Dave was unable to take this new medication, as he developed pneumonia and sepsis and was unable to fight off the massive infection.
I will have more to say about this experimental drug, cyclopamine, with time. I remain extremely optimistic that this drug or others of a similar ilk will be the answer to the cure/control of many malignancies. Read more about cyclopamine and google it for more info! I remain dedicated to the study of Multiple Myeloma in hopes that I may help someone else. The last few years were very difficult for my husband, his family and friends, my staff, and myself, but we are extremely grateful for the experiences that Dave gifted to us, and we'd do it all over again, to infinity.

youtube tribute to Dave from a friend who knew him for many years
Dave and I so appreciated the loving outpouring of compassion and love from our customers and friends!
The emails of support lifted our spirits in dark times and we were very grateful for them. Thank-you!
Photo Tribute to my beloved husband, Dave.

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