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This little Eclectus Parrot is only a few hours old! Eclectus are hatched without any down. They are quite vigorous at birth and are very anxious to eat. We feed our own freshly made formula and do not feed a watered down version to our day-one chicks. Many commercially-made formulas are fed quite diluted the first few days.

This Eclectus chick looks at lot
like the character ET, the Extra Terrestrial! At about ten days of age, Eclectus start to sprout a thick coat of dark grey down feathers.


 These Eclectus chicks are about three weeks of age and are nearly completely covered with thick dark grey down. The down tends to be a darker shade of grey
in female chicks but this is not always a reliable indication. Using this theory, the chick on the left is male and the one on
the right is female.

 At about a month of age, the chicks begin to pinfeather and this is the age when Eclectus gender can be reliably determined. The female chick in the
upper image is two days younger than
the male in the lower image.


It is at this age that Eclectus start to be
a bit difficult to hand-feed. They will
often refuse formula and lunge at the hand-feeder! This is their natural instinct that protects them from potential predators approaching from above. In
the wild, anything coming into the nest hole above that is not mom or dad is usually looking for dinner, rather than bringing dinner!


 Can you tell the gender of these four
to five week old Eclectus chicks?

These gorgeous female
Vosmaeri Eclectus is about
eight weeks of age and is ready
for a weaning cage.

 These Solomon Island Eclectus male are about
seven weeks of age

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