of '99 season baby birds
of Aves International
by Gail J. Worth

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These photos of our baby Leadbeater's (Major Mitchell's) Cockatoo were taken 5/13/99 at approx. 6 weeks of age.



Here is our baby Leadbeater Cockatoo taken on 5/28/99 showing off its beautiful crest feathers!


Blue-Fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx) chick hatched 4/18/99.
photo- 5/13/99


The same baby Blue-Fronted Amazon was photographed again 5/28/99- what a change in two weeks!

 Here is the lovely baby Blue-Fronted Amazon at nine and a half weeks of age, photographed on 6/24/99.

These Double Yellow-Headed Amazon chicks were hatched the second week of May and were photographed 5/28/99.


Here are the same three fledlings taken on 6/24/99 at six to seven weeks of age.The two fellows on each side are Magna Double-Yellow Headed Amazons.


Bronze-Winged Pionus chicks hatched 5/1 & 5/2- photo 5/13/99

A six week old Bronze-Winged Pionus is just showing the bronze coloration in its wings.

These Yellow-Thighed Caiques are just over two weeks old and their eyes are opening. Photo taken 5/13/99

Here is one of our baby Yellow-Thighed Caiques taken on 5/28/99.

 Here is the baby Yellow-Thighed Caique fully weaned on 7/26/99. This is a curious and playful clown!

These Yellow-Naped Amazons were hatched 4/29/99 and 5/3/99. photo taken 5/13/99.


This baby Yellow-Naped Amazon was photographed on 6/2/99.

Blue & Gold Macaw at 2 1/2 weeks of age- photo taken 5/13/99.


Here is the baby Blue & Gold on 5/28/99!


In this photo of the same baby Blue & Gold Macaw, (taken 6/23/99), the inquisitive personality of the baby is apparent!

This baby will be perching and ready for a cage in less than two weeks.



Hahn's Macaws are some of the cutest babies in the nursery! This clutch hatched 5/3, 5/6, and 5/10 and were photographed 6/2/99.


These precious babies are Panama Amazons, hatched 5/9 and 5/12 and photographed on 6/2/99.


Here are our wonderful baby Panama Amazons, Pepito and Chencha, at six and a half weeks of age. They were photographed on 6/24/99.

This spiky-coiffed chick is a month-old Rose-Breasted Cockatoo. At this age these babies are always ravenously hungry!


This baby Rosie is six weeks old now.


These chicks, which hatched 5/30/99, are a Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo (foreground) and a Ducorp's Cockatoo.
photographed 6/2/99.


Here are the fine feathering friends photographed on 6/24/99. The Ducorp's Cockatoo is on the left and the Lesser Sulphur-Crested is on the right.

This two week old Umbrella Cockatoo was photographed on 6/2/99.

Here is the same baby
photographed on 6/23/99.

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted. They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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