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spunky Yellow-Thighed Caique



beautiful and precocious
Jardine Parrot

weaning baby Jardine 1-9-04



We are very lucky to have Kelly volunteering here (shown with four baby Meyer's Parrots on 1/9/04).
She visits 2-3 times per week and plays with the babies!

The weaning baby Hyacinth
still demands to be hand-fed by
our nursery manager, Chelo!



This baby Blue & Gold was sleepy on the evening of 1-13-04!
Baby parrots sleep laying down until they are perching; thereafter, they sleep like adults.

These are some of our Yellow-Fronted Kakariki breeding stock.This species is rare in the US.
They are playful and charming as pets.


Yellow-Fronted Kakarikis 1/2/04 

Yellow-Fronted Kakarikis 1/9/04

Dave Venanzi with a baby Kakariki 1-12-04

The baby Kakarikis are growing fast! 12-23-03
I must admit, I am besotted by these cute little babies,
a new species for us!

This baby Yellow-Fronted Kakariki is almost weaned on 1/16/04
but still likes a bite of formula now and then.


Our baby Hyacinth is one of the sweetest
we have ever raised. Here he interacts with
my husband, Dave.

The Hyacinth baby is in marvelous full-winged feather and has excellent coloration at this age!


This gorgeous baby male Hyacinth Macaw is sold.

This Catalina Macaw was just shipped to its new home. 2/19/04.

Did you see that?

spunky Meyer's Parrots
young babies hand-feeding now

Meyer's Parrots 2-24-04



This delightful baby Blue & Gold Macaw is weaning now and is sold.



Solomon Island Eclectus babies on the left and a Yellow-Thighed Caique and Senegal Parrots on the right on the evening of 3/2/04.

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