Warm Winter Day
in LA

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After weeks of heavy rain, wind, and gray skies, a hot sunny day was a welcome sight in California on 1/16/05 and our pet macaws were restless to get ouside to play!

Iris is ready to go outside to play...

... what's the hold-up here?

Told to stay put at the top of this chair, Iris immediately (of course) left
the chair to go to the table to "help" me with my gardening!

Iris, still a bit moist from her bath in the sprinklers. She loves water!

Our Blue & Gold Macaw, Mayo, loves to guard our rooftop against wild peafowl!

Meanwhile, back at the home front, our Hahn's Macaw, Globo, was happily
ensconced in his box (aka The Opera House), "singing" and nesting with a walnut!

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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