Hahn's and Noble Macaws
(Diopsittaca nobilis and D.n. cuamensis)


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Hahn's Macaw (left) and Noble Macaw (right)
Featured Species profile of Hahn's and Noble Macaws


These adorable Hahn's Macaw chicks are eight weeks of age.

These are Noble Macaw chicks.



approx. size: 12-13 inches/30cm native to: eastern South America available season: summer-winter
min. cage size: 24" x 24" x 24" talking ability: very good/excellent price: $750./Hahn's
sorry Noble is no longer available

The Hahn's (left) and Noble (right) Macaws are highly recommended for pets! At Aves International, we think this is one of the best species of parrot for a pet! Both the Hahn's and the Noble Macaws have inquisitive personalities and an excellent ability to mimic. They are extremely playful and interactive and have many of the social characteristics of the larger macaw species. If you like the macaw personality but don't have the space for a large species, one of these delightful minis is a great choice! I recommend them both highly for family pets, as they can be socialized to bond with several people in the family.



The Noble is slightly longer and heavier than the Hahn's and has a bit larger head and beak. The beak is more horn-colored in the Noble.
The bare facial skin area is larger in the Noble. In personality aspects, I personally see no difference in the subspecies.
They both make great pets and aviary birds! The Noble is much less common, thus is higher priced.



Noble on left, Hahn's on right (in both images above)

Noble Macaws in the nursery
 Noble Macaw baby

Hahn's on left; Noble on right

Hahn's and Noble Macaw chicks


Noble Macaws ( images at left and above)

Hahn's Macaws above and at left

Hahn's Macaws

Hahn's Macaws

Hahn's Macaws

Hahn's Macaw babies playing; they are VERY playful!

featured species profile on Hahn's and Noble Macaws

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