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Bird species that are native to North, Central, and South Americas and the Caribbean are
called New World Birds. This includes the families of macaws, Pionus Parrots, Amazon
Parrots, caiques, conures, and many other bird families.

The breeding season for most of these species in our aviaries starts in early spring and
continues through spring and into summer for many of them. The Sun Conures can breed
year-round but tend to take the late summer/early fall months off and begin laying in late
October again. The Amazon and Pionus Parrots begin laying in early spring and usually
finish laying in May and June. Caiques can lay from early spring through late summer.
Macaws tend to lay in the warmer months of April through September.

Thus breeding season for the New World Psittacines in our collection is nearly over by the
first part of September every year. We can still get a few eggs, but most birds rest
during the hottest season and molt their feathers.

For more information, please see this page Seasonal Availabilities and Weaning Times

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