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Several people have asked about the pet birds that
we own at Aves International. Here is a photo album
of our beloved personal pets!

updated 9/24/07


Our delightful Yellow-Naped Amazon,
Lorita, was imported from Honduras
in 1978 and has been our pet for
twenty-five years!

 Lorita is quite a show-off; here is one of her finest balletic poses! She loves to talk and sing for anyone who will listen and speaks mostly in Spanish.

On 2/12/02, Lorita was caught with her
head in the nut can!

 An occasional treat of a salted nut or cracker is not harmful to a pet bird but
it should be a small amount and only given occasionally.

Lorita is quite a performer! 

I love the strong charming personality
of the Yellow-Naped Amazon!

  Our delightful Rose-Breasted Cockatoo, Raffles, has a sprightly personality and loves to dance and to sing off-key!

 Raffles meets Cousin Scarlett
from Hawaii.

Yes, most definitely our family!


  With a huge personality in a small package, Globo,
is an integral part of our daily lives. He was
the first Hahn's Macaw hatched here in 1991.

Globo talks conversationally with us in English and
Spanish and rules his little corner of the world!

 Globo is ever vigilant to see if someone is eating something without having invited him to join!

If he spots someone preparing food he asks "Do you want to eat?" in Spanish over and over and over again until he
gets a bite- or in this case- the whole cracker!


Poopy, our Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, was the first cockatoo
to be hatched and hand-fed from an egg at

Aves International. She is now over
twenty-six years old and as silly as ever!
She lays several clear eggs every spring. Her favorite treats are raw or cooked spaghetti, cauliflower, and
Swiss cheese. She enjoys chewing green branches and leaves but is terrified of toys. Poopy loves to dance!
See Poopy's goofy behaviors!

 This exquisite fellow is a Slender-Billed Cockatoo. Gumby became a member of our family in 9/99 and is courtesy of Rita and Terry Rudkin of Rudkin Bird Farm! This bird is extremely clever and intelligent with a lively curiosity and he's quite a talker!
His newest phrase is "You smell like garlic!".

This species is incredibly intelligent and absolutely
thrives on attention!

We lost our cherished Gumby to head trauma when he was frightened during the night on 10/30/09! We are all very very sad and our home is way too quiet!


 Gumby has a huge personality! He loves to give air kisses and is quite a show-off. He loves company and starts to dance and talk as soon as he sees someone new to impress with his antics. He is not to be trusted, however, as he will attack everyone but owner. Gail. He loves to play catch with a soft toy and will remove everything he can lift from a table, throwing it all on the floor. He can even lift heavy bottles with his powerful beak and loves to break them on our hard tile floor!


  Our beloved Blue & Gold Macaw, Mayo, was imported as
a hand-feeding baby in 1978 from Panama and has been with us since. He was ill as a baby and his health is
carefully monitored still. He eats a lot of raw nuts
such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and Brazils.

Large macaws need a lot of exercise and freedom so Mayo is allowed to climb about in his tree outside when weather permits, which is almost every day in southern California. He ascends and decends on this knotted rope. He fears nothing outside- except the Goodyear Blimp! 

Many of our pets become restless in the spring during breeding season when their hormones are surging.
We give our birds cardboard boxes in which to "nest". They enjoy chewing up the boxes and this keeps them occupied and lowers their stress level. Our pet, Mayo, looks out of his very large box on 2/24/02.

photo by David A. Venanzi

  Mayo was bored with his old tree and has been very pleased to be exploring his new climbing tree in the summer of 2002. This large tree has bromeliads, ferns, hoyas, begonias, fushias, sedums, nepenthes, and
a number of other plants living in it and Mayo enjoys the tropical ambience.

It's a chilly afternoon on 3/21/02 so
Mayo is inside on the playpen today.

Mayo needs a lot of freedom and
exercise to be happy. Large macaws
need more than just a large cage.


 Hubby Dave and Mayo on 8/3/03.

 Mayo loves to explore the backyard
on his aerial rope on 9/7/03.

Our newest family addition, Iris the Hyacinth Macaw,
enjoys her garden perch on 9/7/03.

Iris, enjoys fresh carrot/apple juice on 10/28/03. Fresh juice is wonderful for parrots (and humans)!


Iris and Gail in 8/03; Iris at one year of age.

Iris and Dave in 8/04; Iris at two years of age.


  Beckett Bird is an unusually large male Congo African Grey that was donated to us several years ago. Beckett talks all day long and comments upon everyone that passes by him by the back door.

Beckett was raised by a male owner and likes men still.
He will not allow a female to touch him! Many birds will bond to an owner of the opposite gender but not always!

 Patita, our three-legged Senegal Parrot,
is quite a talker! She can say many of the phrases that our other birds say! She loves toys and plays all day with them. The word, "patita", means "little foot" in Spanish. Check back soon for the interesting full story of Patita. She was hatched with us twelve years ago.

beautiful Red-Crested Touraco breeding pair
in their planted flight on 5/9/05

MyMai, our Scaley-Naped Mousebird on 2/13/07

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our family birds!
See spring behavior of our pets

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