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(updated 4/27/03)

Solomon Island male and female
and female Vosmaeri Eclectus
in the nursery 1/03.

 Timneh African Greys and Ruppell Parrot babies in the nursery 1/03.

baby Green-Winged Macaw

Our nursery manager, Chelo,
strokes a Rose-Breasted cockatoo
in the nursery in January 2003.

We raise a small number of Jardine Parrots each year. We find this species to be quite hardy in our collection. We still have one of our original breeding pairs which we obtained in 1982 as wild-caught adults at that time. They should be fed a large variety of fresh vegetables and fruits rich in natural carotenes. phytonutrients

 These adorable baby yellow-Thighed Caiques and Sun Conure have the sweetest faces!

Both of these species are very
playful and curious.



two playful Green-Winged Macaws


Rose-Breasted Cockatoo chicks
in the nursery 3/3/03

 Baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoos are always hungry! These babies, photographed on 3/10/03, are about three weeks of age.
Look how much they have grown in one week!
(see photo above)


Rare Ruppell's Parrots 3-1-03

sweet baby Hyacinth Macaw female

 Baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoos love to "hand-feed" on hands!

These baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoos are
about a month of age on 3/18/03.



A Tres Marias Amazon enters the world on 3-11-03

This Umbrella Cockatoo is just-hatched
on 3/19/03.


 Always hungry, these baby Bare-Eyed
Cockatoo chicks are always begging for food,
even with full crops!

 These hungry Congo African Grey and Solomon Island Eclectus chicks are beak
to beak and ready to eat!

 These baby cockatoos are just-hatched
on 3/19/03. The chick in the front is a Moluccan Cockatoo and the others are Slender-Billed Corella Cockatoos.


At a week of age these Slender-Billed Corellas Cockatoos are growing VERY
fast! Their eyes are already opening on 3/25/03!


Just-hatched! Congo African Grey,
Yellow-Thighed Caique, and
Senegal Parrot.

baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoo 4/27/03

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