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We hope you will enjoy meeting our hard-working staff, most of whom have been working with us for many years and are like family to us. They all love birds and take excellent care of our collection.

We are often asked about the individual care that our babies receive. I can assure you that we have a dedicated, highly-trained, and hard working staff that truly cares about the birds in their care- our babies are well-loved!
(updated 12/11/12)

 Guadalupe Aguirre, our Nursery Manager, is extremely dedicated to the babies under her care! Here she
is shown cuddling a baby Blue & Gold Macaw. Lupita has been with us for nearly twenty-five years. She has hand-fed many thousands of baby birds. Her duties include incubation of eggs, hand-feeding chicks, culturing chicks for potential bacteria, banding the chicks, nursery records, DNA sexing, weaning, and general nursery management.
That's a LOT of work!

 Adan Lopez is our Livestock Manager, shown here with a baby Yellow-Thighed Caique.

Adan is in charge of our feeding program and breeding operations.
He has been with us for twenty years. His duties include pair selection, aviary construction, monitoring of egg production, monitoring the health of the breeding collection, and is in charge of the diet preparation.

 Our hand-feeder, Monica Martinez, with a baby melanistic Stella Lory

Monica has been with us for over twenty years. She is in charge of all nursery duties on the week-end. Monica talks with the babies a lot and is very gentle with them.

Click here to see photos of our former ranch and breeding stock!
Click here to see photos of our nursery!

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