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FAQs regarding reserving a baby with us and our waiting lists please read

Here are some of the questions that we are frequently asked about our birds and business. We hope this will answer most of your questions but feel free to e-mail us if your question does not appear here.

MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION- Can you give advice on behavior, health concerns, breeding, etc on birds not purchased from your facility?
A. Consulting service is now available- click here for details!

SECOND MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION- Can you tell me exactly when you will have
a bird weaned of a particular species?
A. We cannot not predict exactly when an individual bird will wean. A list of baby birds available for reservation are shown on our hand-feeding now page. This page shows the current age groups of the babies we have. You can see average weaning times for the species that we raise on this page. We cannot tell you anything more exact as birds wean at individual rates. We only ship when our babies are eating well on their own.

THIRD MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION- What species will get along with my other pet bird(s)? What species can I put into the same cage as my other pet bird?
A. No one can accurately predict how one pet bird will react to another pet bird of the same or of a different species. I never recommend putting a new bird into the cage of another bird as that bird will usually defend its cage against the new intruder. I generally recommend keeping pet birds in separate cages and supervise them very carefully if they come into contact with one another in a neutral play area. Smaller species should always
be protected from larger species. Even if two birds "get along" together for a time, aggression is ALWAYS a possibility!

Q.1. Where are you located/ what is your address?
A. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 2863, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274, U.S.A.. We ship from Los Angeles International Airport. We do not operate a retail store location nor do we have a showroom to come see our birds, sorry.

Q.2. I live in/plan to visit the Los Angeles area. May I come to see your birds?
A. Sorry, we do not operate a retail store nor showroom and do not have a facility open to the public to see birds. This policy protects our babies from theft and the possible introduction of disease from another facility. Please see our policies.

Q.3. Can birds be picked up in the local Los Angeles area?
A. Yes, an arrangement can be made with our livestock manager. There is no charge for local delivery during normal business hours (9-4 PM MWF). Birds can be picked up locally in San Pedro and Torrance. We make these arrangements on an individual basis depending upon mutual schedules (during normal working hours). Other areas/times can be possibly arranged that might incur overtime charges for our livestock manager, Adan, who makes these arrangements. Please see this page- local Los Angeles sales

Q.4. Do you accept credit cards? A. We no longer accept credit cards. We do accept (please send to If you wish to use a credit card, you can sign up with PayPal in just a few minutes and use your credit card via PayPal. (please add 3% fee to PayPal transactions, thank-you!)

Q.5. Will you sell me an unweaned baby/fertile egg?
A. No, we do not sell unweaned babies to the public and do not sell eggs. Please see our policies. We will take a deposit to reserve an egg and the resulting baby is then sold completely weaned.

Q.6. How much will airfreight cost?
A. Airfreight charge varies from one airline to another but generally is about $95.00 by Delta Pet First- our preferred airline for shipping) to $170.00 nationwide.The distance is not the deciding factor. It is based upon dimensional weight of the shipping crate and the declared value of the birds.) We cannot predict exact cost of airfreight in advance. shipping

Q.7. Will you ship by the U.S. Post Office?
A. No, EVEN IF THIS WERE LEGAL, we do not consider this to be safe and our birds'safety is our first consideration.
See postal regulation 525.1, shipping parrots and
most other birds species is illegal!

Q.8. Can you ship in cold winter weather/hot summer weather?
A. We can ship to most states year-round, depending upon the weather at the time of shipping. shipping

Q.9. How are your birds socialized?
A. The babies are all handled daily by the hand-feeders. We touch them all over their bodies so that they are used to being handled and we put them out on play stands with other similar-sized babies so that they learn to play and exercise.We do not teach behaviors nor commands. Our babies are sold tame, not trained (i.e. like a puppy that is just-weaned but is not housebroken, does not know the "sit" command etc.)

Q.10. Are your birds vaccinated?
A. We do not have Polyoma Virus in our nursery and do not think this vaccine is at all necessary for most species from our nursery, therefore, we do not vaccinate our babies.

Q.11. Are your birds checked by a veterinarian before shipping?
A. We do not take every bird we sell to a veterinarian before sale but we do give a complete health guarantee.

Q.12. What is the difference between a health certificate and your health guarantee?
A. A health certificate is usually issued in situations where the shipping airline or the state/country to where we are shipping requires it. It means that the bird(s) has/have been examined by an avian veterinarian and found to be free of disease symptoms and external parasites. Other statements as to health tests that might have been performed can also be written on the certificate, depending upon the requirements (such as for some countries that require certain statements). However, it is not really a guarantee of health. We guarantee the health of our domestic babies.

Q.13. Do you sell cages?
A. Sorry, we do not sell cages. We recommend Animal Environments cages.

Q.14. Can you recommend a bird for me?
A. We find it extremely difficult to recommend a bird for someone else as it is akin to recommending what someone should eat. We are happy to provide information as to general characteristics of bird species but cannot tell you if a particular species is "right" for you. Please see our "Choosing the right bird for you" page to see a chart with general characteristics listed for the species that we offer for sale.

Q.15. Will a particular species get along with my spouse/children/other family members/other bird(s)/dog/cat etc?
A. This question is impossible to answer as bird behavior is as variable as is human behavior. General characteristics of species can be used as a guideline for you to make this evaluation but a bird's personality and acceptance of other people and/or other pets is largely determined by its early socialization. A bird will reflect the attention and training that it receives and most species are very adaptable.

Q.16. What is the "best" bird? Is this one "better" than another?
A. Again, this question is impossible to answer as "better" or "best" is in the eye of the
beholder. What is preferable to me might not be preferable to you. Only you can make this type of decision. We have provided our chart of general characteristics of species that we sell to help you with your decision. We are happy to answer questions specific to a species as objectively as we can.

Q.17. What is the incubation time for parrot species?
A. The incubation period for most psittacine species is 24-28 days.

Q.18. Will you make an exception to your policy and sell a baby unweaned or allow visitors to your nursery?
A. No, we do not make exceptions to our policies. Our policies were made to protect our birds and we do not alter our policies so please do not ask, thank-you!

Q.19. Do you ship to other countries?
A. No, we have decided to cease exporting our birds as of 1/04. We might decide to resume exporting in the future. Please see our Export Page for full information and any updated announcements.

Q.20. Can you supply unrelated bloodlines in your babies?
A. Some species, yes, please inquire.

Q.21. Do you gavage feed or tube feed your babies?
A. No, our babies are fed by syringes unless there is a medical need to gavage feed.
We think babies should taste their food.

Q.22. Do your babies fly before their wings are clipped?
A. Yes. We recommend wings be clipped by us after the bird flies for a time so that we
can better socialize the baby.

Q.23. Are your babies parent-fed or incubator hatched?
A. Our babies are incubator-hatched to prevent viral diseases from entering our nursery. With our time-tested freshly made hand-feeding formula, the growth rates of our babies match or exceed those of parent-raised babies.

Q.24. Can two pet birds be kept in the same cage?
My pet bird is lonely. Should I get it a companion?
A. I do not recommend putting two pet birds in the same cage. Two birds of any gender
or species can pair bond and no longer be pet quality or they might fight and injure one another. Even if they get along initially, there can be aggression in the future. Having two birds housed in the same room that are allowed to socialize together under supervision is fine.

Q.25. Do you sell toucans?
A. No, toucans are difficult to breed and hand-rear in captivity and should be in the hands of expert aviculturists.

Q.26. Do you sell mynahs, hornbills, toucans, and Pekin Robins?
A. No, we no longer raise these species.

Q.27. Do you board birds?
A. No, we do not have the space to do so.

Q.28 When will my bird be weaned? be shipped?
A. We cannot predict exact weaning time on an indvidual bird as they wean at slightly different rates. We provide a chart of average weaning times for the various species that we raise. We provide a hatch certificate once we assign a baby and an estimate can be determined with this information. Please do not e-mail and ask us to pinpoint a date in advance for weaning/shipping as we cannot do so. We make shipping arrangements 24 hours or less in advance of shipping. We would very much appreciate it if you do not e-mail or call us asking for these arrangements in advance because we won't know until we make the booking and we will let YOU know as soon as we have the information. If you cannot accept the shipment at that time, we can reschedule. Thank-you!

Q.28 Do you sell feathers?
A. We occasionally have feathers available.

Q.29 Do you have payment plans?
A. We ask a 25% deposit of the bird's base price to reserve a baby until fully weaned. Payments can be made while the baby is being hand-fed/weaned with the full balance due when the baby is fully weaned and ready to go.

Q.30 What happens to my deposit if an egg or chick dies?
A. The deposit is for next available BABY, not egg. Eggs are RESERVED for orders on our waiting list but are not ASSIGNED. Yes, we do occasionally lose an egg/baby but not often. You are guaranteed next available baby with a deposit.
Q.30 I would like to receive a bird after a certain date. Is it possible to reserve a baby to be delivered after a particular date?
A. Yes, but we cannot guarantee how soon after a particular date a baby will wean.

Please chick here to read FAQs about our waiting lists to reserve baby birds from us.

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