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(and for those with lingering questions about whether or not you can trust us :^) )


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Yes, we can arrange local no-charge pick-up in the Los Angeles area-
whether you live in the area or will just be visiting!

There is no "shipping" within the local Los Angeles area.

You still must reserve a baby with our order form and we can make local pick-up arrangements with the owner, Gail. Pick-ups can be arranged in San Pedro, CA for no charge. We make these arrangements based on mutual schedules.

We continue to get lots of questions about our sales practices for the Greater Los Angeles (local) area. Many folks want to come over here and see the babies to be sure we actually have them and that they are as represented (healthy, tame etc.). We do understand that you would like to come over and choose a baby (we get asked any number of ways to allow visitation of our breeding farms and nursery) but, so sorry, this is not our policy.

WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY TO VISIT LOCALLY TO SEE BIRDS. We regret that we do not offer a showroom nor a retail store nor do we employ retail sales staff. Our prices are lower than retail, as this is a wholesale bird farm. We do not show our birds locally under any circumstances nor do we attend local bird shows/marts. This policy protects our birds' health and safety. If someone were to visit our nusery with an avian virus on clothing or shoes, it could decimate our nursery! We also would have security concerns with an open facility as bird theft is a serious concern. When we operated a showroom years ago, we experienced three burglaries, one which resulted in birds being killed by the thieves! Please see our policies page for more information.

We are asked if our birds are tame/socialized, how we socialize, how many people are hand-feeding here, what if the bird is bonded to the hand-feeder, etc. etc. etc! YES, our babies are tame, healthy, and wonderful! The babies know they are birds as they are raised together in family groups and socialized with other parrots of similar size.

These birds are part of my daily life (the nursery is in my own home) and
I personally feed the babies myself every day. The babies are all pampered and loved here.

PLEASE check our references and our complete health guarantee!
It is easy for me to say (as it would be for anyone to merely state) that we supply top-quality, healthy, tame babies.
But can you trust my word? Can you trust anything on the Internet?
PLEASE check with local bird clubs, avian veterinarians, national avian organizations, national avian publications, zoo bird curators, and aviculturists in the U.S. and many other countries for a reference on Gail Worth/AVES INTERNATIONAL. Put my name into a search engine and see the links. I have been breeding birds since 1973 and been operating under this business name since 1977. This is not an "internet company" but instead is a bird farm dedicated to aviculture. We love birds and hope our web site shows how we feel about our cherished birds.

Some of you want to talk us into selling you an unweaned baby (we just don't sell unweaned babies to the public- no exceptions, so please don't ask). We can only offer our full health guarantee on completely weaned babies.

Please read these pages listed below for more information
and e-mail us if you have specific questions not answered on our site. Thank-you!
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