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Gail J. Worth, owner
In aviculture since 1973

updated 2/7/15

We regret to announce that we no longer export our birds
(this applies to Canada as well).

FYI There is no facility nor individual in the US that is liscensed to export Appendix I species such as Double Yellow-Headed and Yellow-Naped Amazons, therefore these species cannot currently be exported by anyone in the United States.

We continue to get requests to export our birds and people are asking if they can fly into the United States and take a bird back. NO, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. It is ILLEGAL to take an Appendix I or II parrot out of the US to another country without CITES Export and Import permits. See the CITES website for more information.

We get emails from people asking how to export their bird(s) from the US to another country. Sorry, we do not provide this service.
To export your bird(s), you will need to obtain CITES permits, an import permit to the destination country, and an export permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Office of Management Authority for CITES. See the CITES website for full information. It can take several months to obtain these permits! You will have to prove origin of your bird(s) to obtain the US export permit. The Office of Management Authority will tell you what is required. Their telephone number is (800) 358-2104. You will also need an international health certificate on a specific USDA form dated within ten days of export and this must be endorsed by a USDA veterinarian. Call your local USDA office for more information. Your shipping crate must meet IATA standards. Please contact your shipping airline for full requirements. You will have to have your shipment inspected and cleared at the airport at the time of shipping.
Contact your local US Fish and Wildlife office for information on this. Good luck!

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