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Why is the Hahn's Macaw Gail's favorite small parrot species?


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Cockatiel- we usually have

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Ruppell's Parrot







Read the fine print at right, please -------------------------------------------->              

*plus (9.00% CA sales tax California residents) or FOB LAX (shipped freight
collect out of Los Angeles area; crating charge will also apply)

** waiting list FAQs regarding reserving a baby with us and our waiting lists please read
Note- there are NO WAITING LISTS for the species listed in the chart above (unless noted otherwise with two purple asterisks**).
This chart is an AVAILABILITY LISTING and we are accepting deposits now to reserve the babies until fully weaned.
PLEASE NOTE- We cannot predict exact weaning time on an individual baby in advance.
Please read information on our waiting list policies.
X - indicates available to be reserved now /
X* means one only
Sorry, we do not offer quantity discounts (except for cockatiels; wholesale inquiry invited).

** pricing on quality, virus-free, hand-fed cockatiels


images of our cockatiels
normal grey (splits included)- $95.00 ea.
pied, pearl, pearl-pied, cinnamon- $110.00 ea.
cinnamon pearl, cinnamon pied, cinnamon pied pearl, & lutino- $125.00 ea.
white-faced normal & pearl- $150.00 ea.
white-faced cinnamon pied/pied pearl, lutino pearl,
& very heavy pied- $175.00-$200.00 ea.
albino (lutino white-faced)- $200.00 ea.

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2013 complete price listing

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Our baby birds are weaned onto a fresh diet. If you purchase one of our babies, please continue to feed a healthy diet and do not feed it a main diet of processed pellets (yucko!) or just seed.
Fresh vegetables and fruits, sprouted seeds and grains, and other whole foods will keep your baby as healthy as when it left our facility!

Prices of birds do not include airfreight/shipping charges, nor any ancillary charges such as crating charge, DNA sexing charge, charge for prints of photos, etc) that are add-ons to an order (Please see the reserving page for a full explanation of all optional services/charges).

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a bird. Birds are shipped FOB (Freight On Board) Los Angeles International Airport (collect airfreight), or may be be picked up locally in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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