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Consulting service is now available for questions
about birds/parrots!
We get asked lots of questions every day and wish we had the time to answer them all!
We now offer a consulting service with questions answered by the owner,
Gail J. Worth.
Gail has been working in aviculture since 1973. She had bred over seventy species of psittacine and softbilled bird species and incubated many eggs and hand-raised many thousands of baby birds.

Gail feels qualified to answer questions about the following topics:

diet recommendations for pets and/or breeding birds
caging, nestboxes, and proper environment for successful breeding of birds
selection and pairing of breeding stock
questions regarding aggression in pairs or problems pairing- prevention of injury methods
egg incubation- turning, temperatures, humidity, problem hatches, and incubation equipment
nursery setup, brooders and other equipment, and cleaning/disinfection regimens
hand-feeding of parrots and also of soft-billed bird species (i.e. hornbills, mynahs, rhamphastids, thrushes, touracos) suggested topics: formulas, equipment, techniques, problems, weaning times, weaning foods, socialization
help/advice regarding preventing and correcting common problems of hand-feeding babies, i.e. splayed legs, "scissor beak" etc.
specialized instructions for difficult to hand-rear from day-one species (i.e. Golden Conures, caiques, Rose-Breasted Cockatoos, Pyrrhura Conures).
(virtually NO experience
with black cockatoo species, sorry)

general husbandry questions about breeding birds
general questions about psittacine (parrot) and soft-billed species, i.e. identification of species/subspecies etc.
general personality characteristics of species that we raise
We cannot give medical advice, sorry!

RATES: Questions can be submitted in writing by email or fax and telephone consultations are available. The charge to answer written questions is quoted after the questions are submitted and is based upon the complexity of the questions and the time involved to answer them. Telephone consultations are based upon time and questions can be submitted in writing beforehand.

15 minutes (minimum) - $50.00
30 minutes - $90.00
60 minutes - $150.00
legal expert witness fees are quoted based upon the case
(prices are in US dollars)

Please see this page for more information: Avian Legal Consulting Service

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For questions on behavior; we recommend the two books shown below:
Bird-related book selections from Aves International
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 Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot, 2nd edition
by Mattie Sue Athan and Michele Earle-Bridges
Paperback - 143 pages (September 1999)

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Birds for Dummies
by Gina Spadafori & Dr. Brian L. Speer
Paperback - 332 pages (September 1999)

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