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We continue to get questions on how to reserve with us, what species are available, what the waiting list means etc.. This page will hopefully answer all of those questions. I really appreciate people who read the information provided on the website, rather than calling or emailing to ask me. While I am happy to answer questions, it does take time away from my other work- raising your adorable baby! The number of telephone calls and emails can be overwhelming at times, so I appreciate your taking the time to read this page! If you have a question not answered herein, please do not hesitate to ask.

A baby bird can be reserved with a 25% deposit. If a baby of the desired species is hand-feeding or weaned when the deposit is received, a baby will be assigned immediately. This deposit is non-refundable as we will no longer offer for sale the baby that is assigned to an order.

If a specific gender is ordered that requires DNA or sight-sexing (in the case of dimorphic species such as Eclectus Parrots), there will usually be a delay in assigning the desired gender to your order.
We cannot forsee the future, therefore we cannot tell when we will have a specific gender available, as it depends upon nature and DNA. Please do not ask us to estimate this, as there are too many factors affecting this and a guess would have no validity. In some cases, there might be orders ahead of yours for a baby of a specific gender, and this can also delay assignment of a specific baby to your order. Any cancellations might advance your order forward. We endeavor to assign babies as soon as we can and appreciate your patience with this issue.

Our current availabilities can be seen on this page: current price listing/hand-feeding now.IF A SPECIES DOES NOT SHOW AS AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE, THEN WE DO NOT HAVE THAT SPECIES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.
If the species is not currently available as eggs or a hand-feeding/weaned baby, you can still reserve with a 25% deposit and get on a
waiting list for that species. We accept a deposit AT ANY TIME on a species that we expect to have available in the future. This deposit is refundable or transferable to another species UNTIL WE ARE HOLDING FERTILE EGGS IN THE RESERVED SPECIES. We cannot predict exact future availability of babies and ask that you look at this page for historical data, taken from nursery records from the past three decades, that show the average weaning times and seasonal availabilty of the species that we raise. Every breeding year is different but we hope to provide babies as expected, based on prior years' data. Sometimes there are cancellations that will advance you on a waiting list and we will be able to assign a baby to you sooner than originally expected.
We will advise you accordingly.

FAQs about deposits/waiting lists

Q1- Can you tell me how long the wait is for a particular species or gender?
A- No, we cannot predict this. Every breeding season is different and we cannot forsee the future. Even knowing how many people are waiting ahead of you would NOT tell you how long the wait will be. So many factors can affect the waiting list such as production of eggs, cancellations, etc.

Q2- Should I wait to reserve until you have eggs or babies in the species I wish to order?
A- That decision is up to you, but some species are very popular and we raise limited quantites. Sometimes a species is sold out for the next breeding season before the pairs even begin laying that year. Also, a deposit on a future baby guarantees the price at the time a deposit is given.

Q3- What forms of payment do you accept?
A- We accept personal check, money order, cashier's check, bank wire transfer,
and PayPal

Q4- How will my baby be assigned?
If we have what you need when your order is placed, a baby will be assigned right away to your order and you will receive a hatch certificate on a specific baby with your receipt and care/information sheets. If you have ordered a specified gender, there will be a delay until we can determine the correct gender for your order. There are times when there may be orders previous to yours for specified gender; thus, assignment of your baby could be delayed. We endeavor to assign specific babies to orders as soon as possible and very much appreciate your patience with this dynamic situation.

Q4- What is meant by "specified gender"?
A- Specified gender is when you order a male or female, specifically. The cost for this is a flat $45.00 for DNA sexing for many species. If you just want to know the gender of next available baby to be assigned to your order, the charge (no specific gender result guaranteed) is $30.00.
See this page for info re: DNA sexing.

Q6- Do I have to pay more if several birds have to be tested to find the gender I want?
A- No, we never charge more than the fee quoted for specific gender at time the order was placed. The charge for specific gender
of most species is a flat $45.00 fee. We do not make money on sexing birds, but charge an average that mitigates our actual costs
to provide this service to you.

Q7- What if the gender I want is not found in the hatched/oldest babies?
A- Your deposit will go to the next available group of babies. We will send out DNA on all available babies until we find the gender you ordered at no additional charge to you. If we do not have the gender you have ordered in the babies we currently have and you want to cancel the order, we will charge you the sexing fee (as shown on your invoice) plus $50.00 cancellation fee. If we currently have babies yet to sex and you wish to cancel, a cancellation would forfeit the initial 25% deposit.

Q8- What if a fertile egg that I reserved does not hatch?
A- You are not reserving a specific fertile egg per se; you are reserving next available hatched baby/gender specified baby, thus an egg that does not hatch is not a concern. We do not count our chick(ens) before they hatch!

Q9- Can I change my deposit to another species?
A- Yes, we can switch a deposit to a different species at no charge if these arrangements are made before we are holding a baby for you. We will charge a $50.00 fee to switch a deposit to a different species after assignment of a baby is made.

Q10- Can I make payments while a baby is hand-feeding? pay in full in advance?
A- Yes, we can accept any incremental payment by personal check, PayPal or full payment in advance as you wish. We ask only that the balance after the initial 25% deposit be made within seven (7) days after notification that your baby is fully weaned and ready to go.

Q11- If the price of a species is increased after I send my deposit, will I be charged a higher price?
A- No, a deposit guarantees that the price at the time of the order will be honored and protects you against any future price increase. However, if a there is a price decrease after an order is placed, the lower price will be honored to you.

Q12- If I have to cancel for any reason after a baby is assigned to me (or there are fertile eggs in the species ordered), may I use my deposit later?
A- Yes, we will honor deposits towards a future purchase on any species. We do charge a $50.00 cancellation fee for the previous reservation and the balance of the deposit is applicable to a new sale on any species at current pricing.

Q13- If I have a deposit on a waiting list for a species and it is not available at the end of the current breeding season, is it refundable?
A- Yes, the deposit is fully refundable. You can leave the deposit for the next available baby, transfer your deposit to another species, or receive a refund (minus any PayPal charges).

I hope this page has answered most of your questions. Please let me know if you have any
additional ones. (310) 541-1180 (10AM-6PM Mon-Fri, Pacific Time) email. We want you to make an informed choice, not an impulsive one. We encourage you to read as much as possible about the species before you place an order. See our book recommendations from this page. Click here for species' profiles of the species we raise (updates coming very shortly). Please know that not everything you read (on the Internet or otherwise) is fact and that much of what is written about species' characteristics and bird behaviors is based on personal experience and opinion and is not necessarily fact- your mileage may vary. Our goal is to provide healthy and tame babies to our customers and we are always happy to offer support/answer questions prior to and after the sale.

 TELEPHONE- 1 (310) 541-1180
We do not operate a retail store nor a showroom. We do not operate a facility open to the public, sorry; we do not have a place to come see birds.
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