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We hand-raise quality, virus-free baby cockatiels in a variety of delightful colorations!
images of cockatiels in our nursery

heavy pied coloration

A female grey cockatiel sits on her eggs.


beautiful cinnamon pearl on left and cinnamon on right
approx. size: 12 inches native to: Australia available season: year-round
min. cage size: 18" x 18" x 24" talking ability: very good price: $125.00 and up depending upon coloration

images of our cockatiels
normal grey (splits included)- $125.00 ea.
pied, pearl, & cinnamon- $140.00 ea.
heavy pied, heavy pied-pearl, & lutino- $165.00 ea.
heavy pied, heavy pied-pearl, & lutino pearl- $175.00 ea.
white-faced normal- $160.00 ea.
white-faced pied, pearl, & pied-pearl- $175.00 ea.
white-faced heavy pied, & pied-pearl- $185.00 ea.
white-faced very heavy pied & pied-pearl- $190.00 ea.
albino (lutino white-faced) & clear white-faced pied- $200.00 ea.

please call for quotation on wholesale orders (15 or more)
(310) 541-1180
images of cockatiels in our nursery

baby yellow pearl

cinnamon on left and pearl on right

husband Dave with baby cockatiels

five weeks of age

just-hatched! note the red eyes of the lutino baby

week-old chicks

two-three weeks of age

The cockatiel is one of the most popular pet birds in the world!

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