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We can DNA sex any baby with Zoogen bird-sexing service. This only requires one drop of blood from a clipped toenail and the results are available in about a week's time. Just to know the gender of a bird that you order (whatever the result) is $30.00. If you require/order a particular gender (specified gender), the cost will vary with gender required and the species of bird (this is $45.00 for most species/genders).
Some species have a higher percentage of males or females so this cost will vary accordingly.
Just to know the gender of a bird that you order (non-specifed gender) is $30.00.

There is no charge for "sight sexing" (our best guess based upon slight physical differences),
but we do NOT guarantee the results of sight sexing on species with non-dimorphic plumage.

Please see below for answers to questions regarding DNA sexing and fees.

Q- What is meant by "specified gender"?
A- Specified gender is when you order a male or female, specifically. The cost for this is a flat $45.00 for DNA sexing for many species. If you just want to know the gender of next available baby to be assigned to your order, the charge (no specific gender result guaranteed) is $30.00.

Q- Do I have to pay more if several birds have to be tested to find the gender I want?
A- No, we never charge more than the fee quoted for specific gender at time the order was placed. The charge for specific gender of most species is a flat $45.00 fee. We do not make money on sexing birds, but charge an average that mitigates our actual costs to provide this service to you.

Q- What if the gender I want is not found in the hatched/oldest babies?
A- Your deposit will go to the next available group of babies. We will send out DNA on all available babies until we find the gender you ordered at no additional charge to you. If we do not have the gender you have ordered in the babies we currently have and you want to cancel the order, we will charge you the sexing fee (as shown on your invoice) and the balance of the deposit will be refunded. If we currently have babies yet to sex and you wish to cancel, a cancellation would forfeit the initial 25% deposit.

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