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(prices and availability)


images of cockatiels

quality, virus-free, hand-fed cockatiels
images of our cockatiels
normal grey (splits included)- $95.00 ea.
pied, pearl, pearl-pied, cinnamon- $110.00 ea.
cinnamon pearl, cinnamon pied, cinnamon pied pearl, & lutino- $125.00 ea.
white-faced normal & pearl- $150.00 ea.
white-faced cinnamon pied/pied pearl, lutino pearl,
& very heavy pied- $175.00-$200.00 ea.
albino (lutino white-faced)- $200.00 ea.
always available!
quantity pricing available (12 or more)
please call for quotation (310) 541-1180

 1. What species of baby birds are weaned, tame and ready to go now?
click here: weaned, tame and ready to go now

2. What species are available to be reserved now as either eggs or hand-feeding babies?
click either of the links at right for current listing of eggs and babies available to be reserved.
(age groups, prices, and average weaning times)

3. What species are likely be available later in the breeding season?
please click here: 2014 complete price listing

seasonal availability times and weaning times for species we raise
We cannot tell you anything more than the information on these pages.

4. How can I tell exactly when you will have a weaned bird available in a particular species?
We CANNOT PREDICT EXACT WEANING TIME IN ADVANCE on any individual bird. You can look at this page for current age group of availability and AVERAGE WEANING TIMES for the species that we have hand-feeding now: If you do not see the species you seek on this page, then we do not currently have eggs or babies in that species (please see #3 on this page).

5. How can I reserve a baby bird?
please click here for complete information: reserving a bird.

6. How much would shipping cost? How much is the crating charge?
please click here: shipping information/crating information

7. Can I pick up the bird in the local Los Angeles, CA area without a shipping charge?
yes, please click here: local Los Angles area sales information

8. Is there a health guarantee on your birds? What are your policies?
yes, please click here: complete health guarantee; policies (please read)

9. What are you diet recommendations?
please click here: our diet recommendations ; phytonutrients

10. Can you recommend a species that is best for me/my family/my situation?
please click here: choosing the right species for you; species profiles

11. I need more information about the species you raise...
please click here: species profiles/species we raise; choosing the right species for you

12. What species currently have waiting lists?
please click here: check waiting lists

13. Who is the owner? How long have you been in business? How do I contact you?
please click here: owner, Gail J. Worth ; contact information

14. I have lots of unanswered questions...
please click here: FrequentlyAskedQuestions ; Waiting Lists Frequently Asked Questions ; email us

15. May I come over and see the birds?
Sorry, no, we do not operate a retail store nor do we have any facility that is open to the public.
please click here: local Los Angles area sales information ; policies (please read)

16. Can I see photos of the babies that are available now? We have many photos of our babies on the site. If you have specific requests, please email us.

17. I don't see the species for which I am looking. When will you have it available?
THIS IS ALL THE INFORMATION WE CAN GIVE YOU on the linked pages that follow.
We cannot predict future laying of any species other than data given on this page:
seasonal availabilities and weaning times for species we raise;
species we raise;

2013 complete price listing

We possibly will have additional species available in the future but have no other information than that currently on the site.

If you have read all the pages linked above and STILL have questions,
please call or email us. Thanks so much for your interest in our birds!

 Please see these pages for
complete information:

current price listing and list of current eggs/babies
all 2013 prices for species we expect to raise
availability and weaning times page,
reserving a baby

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