David Anton Venanzi

7/19/1959 - 7/11/2008
photo tribute pages (Friends) (updated 8/6/08) updates continue
Here is a small sampling of the many images I took of my husband, Dave (and a few taken of him/ us by others).
It's those quotidian moments in life that we all take for granted that are so very precious. I had the priviledge of spending twenty-two years + with Dave that were filled with love, family, friends, music, travel, pets, adventure, excitement, laughter, fun, enlightenment, and pure exhilaration. He was my teacher and guide through life and I am so grateful for having had this time with him. I have loved every moment spent together with him! This is the best way I know to show how special
he was to so many people.
He made us all feel special. He always made all of us smile. He was the bravest man I have ever known.
carpe diem! Don't waste your precious time! tempus fugit!
all images copyright of Gail J. Worth unless otherwise noted
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 Dave with Family

Dave and Music 

Dave and Travel/Scuba Diving 
 Dave with Friends

Dave with Pets/Birds 

Dave's Face  
 Dave and wife Gail

 Dave and his battle with Multiple Myeloma

Dave's Everything Else
but the kitchen sink

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 Dave with Friends

with Donna Daugherty

with Craig Golden

with Tom Vegors

with TGriff

with Caroline Moore

with Kim Golden

with Cindy & John Hollingshead 10/02

with Cindy Hollingshead, Lew Enstedt, and Tom Vegors

with Craig Golden 2002

with Tessie McCune, Steve Neuerburg, and Silvia Levy

with Cyndee Crumley



Heather and Cyndee Crumley & Dave 2002

Wade, Gail, Marva, and Dave at the Crest Cafe 2/02

Wade Johnston and Dave

Wade, Dave, and Tom Vegors at the Crest Cafe 2/02


 Crest Cafe 2/02

with Slydeman Dave Melton

Dave and Gail with Rosa Slomkoski 8/2003



with Teresa Micco 8/2003


with The Wizard at the Renaissance Faire


(at left & above)
with Kim Golden at the Renaissance Faire 2003

Renaissance Faire 1999
Donna Daugherty, Dave, and Cindy Hollingshead

with Tom Vegors at the Renaissance Faire

with TGriff

with Tom Vegors

with Nancy Chambers

with Tom Vegors

Dave, Gail, and Tom 1/02

with Steve Neuerburg in Nanu-i-Ra, Fiji 11/04

with Tom Vegors


with Cathy Graham

with Cindy Hollingshead

road trip to California wine country 5/02


with Craig Golden

with Andrew, Kim, and Cyndee Crumley

with Kim Golden

with Ginny

with Cyndee and Tony Crumley, Kim and Craig Golden, and Ginny and Andrew

12/01 Marva Burt and Lew Enstadt

with Marva Burt 2001

with Pat Burt

with Lori Stokoe 9/2001

birthday at Gladstone's For Fish, Malibu CA 7/19/03




with Tani Smida, 8/2000

with Paula Strasser, 8/2000

with TGriff 10/01

Dave, Craig & Kim Golden, and Liza Mitchell 7/19/05

8/03 Exotic Summertime Party band

Toni & Sherman Kinard enjoy the Exotic Summertime Band

Fran Sturms, Craig & Kim Golden 8/03


Cyndee Crumley, Dave, and Laura Bailey

Gerard Slomkowski, Tom Vegors, and Dave 8/03

Dave and George Austin

Tom, Scott, Dave, Caroline, Rosa, Gerard, and Mondo


Steve Neuerburg, Kim Golden, Craig Golden, Steve Garvin, Gail, Dave, and Tom Vegors 7/19/04

with Craig Golden, John Vermaak, Steve Garvin,
Kim Golden, and Steve Neuerburg

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