David Anton Venanzi

7/19/1959 - 7/11/2008
photo tribute pages (battle with Multiple Myeloma) (updated 8/1/08) updates continue
Here is a small sampling of the many images I took of my husband, Dave (and a few taken of him/ us by others).
It's those quotidian moments in life that we all take for granted that are so very precious. I had the priviledge of spending twenty-two years + with Dave that were filled with love, family, friends, music, travel, pets, adventure, excitement, laughter, fun, enlightenment, and pure exhilaration. He was my teacher and guide through life and I am so grateful for having had this time with him. I have loved every moment spent together with him! This is the best way I know to show how special
he was to so many people.
He made us all feel special. He always made all of us smile. He was the bravest man I have ever known.
carpe diem! Don't waste your precious time! tempus fugit!
all images copyright of Gail J. Worth unless otherwise noted
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 Dave with Family

Dave and Music 

Dave and Travel/Scuba Diving 
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Dave with Pets/Birds 

Dave's Face  
 Dave and wife Gail

 Dave and his battle with Multiple Myeloma

Dave's Everything Else
but the kitchen sink

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 Dave and his battle with Multiple Myeloma- Bone Marrow Cancer
My husband, Dave, was diagnosed with StageIIIb Bone Marrow Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, in 2/01. We were told he would likely
survive another year to three years. After an autologous stem cell transplant in 8/01, he relapsed in 2003 and was treated with a
number of chemotherapy regimens over the next two years. Due to Dave's rapidly escalating illness in 2005, we closed the business
in October of 2005 for a few months, as I needed to devote time to my husband's care after an allogeneic stem cell transplant in 11/05. My husband returned home from the hospital in 12/05, after the bone marrow transplant, but he began to relapse immediately.
Other chemotherapy regimens gave him some time, but he suffered a lot the last three years of his life. He continued to valiantly
fight Multiple Myeloma until his death on 7/11/08 from septic pneumonia. We never gave up! We had planned to begin a new experimental drug called cyclopamine tartarate, but Dave did not live long enough to begin. I will always believe it would have saved him.


Dave shaved his head in preparation for chemotherapy 3/01

autologous stem cell transplant UCLA 8/01



home 9/10/01

sister Maj. Amy Cilento arrives from serving in Iraq 10/05. She returned to donate her stem cells for an allogeneic bone marrow transplant for Dave

There goes the hair again!

home 12/05

Dave was in ICU for eight days and hospitalized for a total of fifteen days for bilateral Pneumocystis Pneumonia in 8/07.

home early 9/07

Dave with dear friend Gerard Slomkoski on 5/14/08 during Dave's ten day hospitalization for hepatitis. Two weeks later, Gerard was broadsided on his motorcycle by a driver running a red light. Severely injured, Gerard was hospitalized for over six weeks and faces a lot more physical therapy.

Dave and Tom Vegors 5/30/08



6/20/08 one hour after a blood transfusion

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