David Anton Venanzi

7/19/1959 - 7/11/2008
photo tribute pages - (Travel and Scuba Diving) (updated 8/6/08) updates continue
Here is a small sampling of the many images I took of my husband, Dave (and a few taken of him/ us by others).
It's those quotidian moments in life that we all take for granted that are so very precious. I had the priviledge of spending twenty-two years + with Dave that were filled with love, family, friends, music, travel, pets, adventure, excitement, laughter, fun, enlightenment, and pure exhilaration. He was my teacher and guide through life and I am so grateful for having had this time with him. I have loved every moment spent together with him! This is the best way I know to show how special
he was to so many people.
He made us all feel special. He always made all of us smile. He was the bravest man I have ever known.
carpe diem! Don't waste your precious time! tempus fugit!
all images copyright of Gail J. Worth unless otherwise noted
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 Dave with Family

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Dave and Travel/Scuba Diving 
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Dave with Pets/Birds 

Dave's Face  
 Dave and wife Gail

 Dave and his battle with Multiple Myeloma

Dave's Everything Else
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 Dave and Travel/Scuba Diving
I'm still going through 13 years of film and scanning- this will take a while!

diving in Komodo 4/03

Costa Rica 11/99

Dave on a Pacific side beach north of Cabo San Lucas 11/23/88

11/23/1988 n. of Cabo, Baja California



Baja California, Mexico 11/88

burros in the cactus by the beach

our first dive trip Cabo San Lucas 11/88

Ralf & Shirley Biester with their plane and Dave, San Felipe, Baja California 1991?

scuba diving Matagi Island, Matagi Princess, and Taveuni Island, Fiji 10/93

Dave on Matagi Island, Fiji 10/93

Matagi Island

Gail & Dave in Tari highland area with local dancers, Papua New Guinea 4/95

Dave examines the weapons of some folks
we met on the road to our lodge

This gentleman is the Wig Master at the wig monastery.

scuba diving trip to Gizo and Uepi Islands, Solomon Islands 12/1997
with Cindy & John Hollingshead



Dave with friendly pet Yellow-Bibbed Lory in village in New Georgia Islands, Marovo Lagoon

beautiful children of the New Georgia Islands, Marovo Lagoon

Although it is very difficult to see, there are
two Ducorp's Cockatoos in this large tree
(upper left hand on bare branches), New Georgia Islands

Cindy Hollingshead in a local village, New Georgia Islands

We saw baby saltwater crocodiles in this small river.

The Marovo Lagoon is beckoning and mysterious.

There's nothing like New Year's Eve on an island in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of rowdy Aussies!

Dave doing the limbo, New Year's Eve 12/31/1997


our new wood carvings purchased from the incredibly wonderful local wood carvers

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina 5/02


Blue Ridge Mountains, NC 5/02


Blue Ridge Mountains, NC 5/02

with guide/good friend Andarius
Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia 11/01

with Andarius, Makassar

Sulawesi bridge

Toraja, Sulawesi burial caves 11/01

Dave in camouflage in Singapore 11/2001

Singapore Airport during SARS 11/02

diving trip to Papua Barat (Irian Jaya), Raja Ampat Islands, New Guinea 11/02

pier at Kri Island, Papua Barat, Indonesia 11/02 


Kri Island sunrise

Papua Diving, Kri Island, Raja Ampat Islands, Papua (Irian Jaya) , New Guinea 11/02

Dave and Gail - Fam area, Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Barat, New Guinea 11/02


near Batanta Island

diving group from Germany, Sweden, Papua Barat,
and the United States

with the Swedish nurses Susanne & Bente
and the Papuan dive masters!

with divemaster Nickzen Baransano
Papua Barat, New Guinea 11/02

with divemaster Nickzon Soor
Papua Barat, New Guinea 11/02

These adorable Papuan children were initially fearful
of us until we made some funny bird calls to them and
showed them photos and video of themselves!



Dave was always a hit with children everywhere!



Bali and Komodo, Indonesia, 4/03 with good friends Cindy & John Hollingshead

with Cindy Hollingshead Tulamben, Bali 4/03

with John & Cindy Hollingshead Tulamben, Bali 4/03

stairs to Mountain Air Temple, Bali 4/03

Agung Volcano as seen from Mountain Air Temple, Bali 4/03

at Pura Besakih, Bali 4/03


Pura Besakih, Bali 4/03



massage in Tulemben

wood carvers' village near Ubud, Bali 

liveaboard dive trip on Evening Star II, Komodo National Park, Indonesia 4/03


Komodo National Park

preparing the video housing

after dive rinse on deck, Evening Star II- Dive Komodo

filming on Evening Star II, Komodo



rare shrimp on night dive
Cannibal Rock, Komodo


photo by Cindy Hollingshead



off to see the lizard! Komodo Natiional Park 4/03


Gail and Dave at Komodo Dragon viewing site

photo by Cindy Hollingshead

with Cindy & John Hollingshead

this one sniffed at us and ran away



tired from shopping at Taman Rahasia Hotel near Ubud

with Cindy Hollingshead in Penestanan, Bali 4/03

Dekti and her son Putu, Taman Rahasia Hotel

Costa Rica

Vulcan Arenal, Costa Rica 11/03

Paraiso, Costa Rica 11/03


Dave with twin boys at Hotel Iguana Azul, Paraiso, Costa Rica 11/99



The "short-cut" coastal road from Paraiso to Nosara is exciting during rainy season.





Dave with precious girls cracking beach almonds on the beach of San Juanillo, Costa Rica 11/03
Dave gave them some chocolate to go with the almonds!

tiempo para una cerveza Imperial, Playas Nosara 11/03

Playa Villa Caletas, Costa Rica 11/24/03

with stick insect Carara, Costa Rica 11/03

self portrait Gail and Dave in Nosara, Costa Rica 11/03

Playa Nosara, Costa Rica 11/99

Playa Uvita, Costa Rica 11/03

tame Scarlet Macaw- Nosara

Villa Caletas, Costa Rica 11/23/03

self portrait, Villa Caletas, Costa Rica 11/23/03

Dominicalito, Costa Rica 11/03 at Pacific Edge
image by John Goss

 Dominicalito, Costa Rica 11/03
image by John Goss

at Paul's home, Costa Rica 2003
image by John Goss

bird watching near Hacienda Baru, Costa Rica
image by John Goss

Rio Uvita, Costa Rica 11/03
image by John Goss

Playa Uvita, Costa Rica 11/03

image by John Goss



Orange-Chinned Brotegeris Parrakeet and Salvin's Red-Lored Amazon, Playa del Coco, Costa Rica 2003

mage by John Goss

zipline Hacienda Baru, Costa Rica

mage by John Goss




John Goss and Dave- post zipline refreshments!

our favorite Costa Rican sport- birdwatching from the car

la cerveza mas fina

tide pools Playa Nosara

with Susie & George Atkinson (& Goldie) at Pacific Edge,
Dominical, Costa Rica

with Susie & George Atkinson
Dominical, Costa Rica

with "Happy Days" George Atkinson

Dominicalito as seen from the Pacific Edge, our favorite lodging in Costa Rica!


with good friend, John Goss at the Sauvegre Mountain Hotel
San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica 11/03

traffic jam on the road to San Gerardo de Dota


driving in the San Jose traffic looks tranquil!

Vatu-i-Ra, Fiji 11/04 scuba diving with good friend Steve Neuerburg
and Julie & Mike Trussell, Kai Viti Divers

Dave and Gail in Vatu-i-Ra, Fiji 11/03
image by Steve Neuerburg

Steve Neuerburg, Gail, and Dave after a dive

Gail and Dave on Julie and Mike's front beach
self portrait by Dave





Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Julie and Mile Trussell, Kai Viti Divers

Dave and Steve Neuerburg







Mike, Julie, & Ariel Trussell with Gail & Dave

ni sa moce!
vinaka vaka levu!

 Dave at Blue Wall
Charybdis Reef, Fiji

Kai Viti Divers



more to come...

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