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(Please note that this in NOT an online form. It can be printed and filled in and then mailed to us, or it can be cut and pasted into an email, filled in, and then emailed to us.

Please use this form for your order. Just fill in the applicable blanks, print, and send it with your deposit (money order, or PayPal) or full payment for your order. Please do not send us the form without a deposit as we cannot process an order received without a deposit, thank-you!
PLEASE check your information to be sure it is complete and correct.
Please note: Your deposit reserves your order as soon as we receive it. Please allow 3 weeks to receive your receipt and hatch certificate. The care of the babies comes before office work. We are trying our best to get receipts/hatch certificates/DNA results sent out as soon as possible. Thank-you for your patience and for your confidence in us!
Required fields are in red.

Is this your first bird? _____yes______no

_______________________Please sign your name here; I have read the policies page of Aves International and understand that a deposit on a species is not refundable after Aves International is holding fertile eggs or babies in that species, in consideration of my order, after having received this deposit.


address _____________________________________________________________________________________

city __________________________________________________state ________ zip______________


cell _____________________________________________fax______________________________________

E-mail address(es)_________________________________________________________________________

amount enclosed (25% deposit of bird's base price minimum)___________________(please indicate method of payment, i.e. Pay Pal etc)_________________________
Note: If you are purchasing a bird that is already weaned and ready to go, please remit full amount. If you are a California resident, please include 9% CA sales tax. Crating charge is $35.00. Please do not send us the form without a deposit as we cannot process an order received without a deposit, thank-you!

Please indicate one of the following: 1. shipping via airfreight (airfreight charges are paid by the buyer, usually directly to the airline at pick-up of the bird(s)/shipment.)
shipped FOB LAX (Freight On Board- airfreight collect from Los Angeles Int'l Airport) to your closest airport (city)_________________________2nd choice______________________________
Please note: If your preferred airport is a smaller one serviced by commuter flights, please indicate a second choice larger airport as we might have difficulty getting freight bookings into smaller airports, thank-you!
2. local pickup? (L.A. area)_______________________ for local pick-up- do you wish to purchase a crate?_________
preference AM or PM arrival/pick-up? (no week-end shipping/local pick-up unless by special arrangement with overtime charges incurring)______________________________________

species of bird_______________________DNA sexed*?__________specific gender desired**?_________
We cannot guarantee specific gender on non-dimorphic species without DNA sexing.

wings trimmed***?________ health certificate*****?_________

Forpayments, please send to sales@avesint.com. (please add 3% fee to PayPal transactions, thank-you!)

PLEASE NOTE! If you are going to be out of town or otherwise unable to receive a bird within the expected delivery time, PLEASE ADVISE in the comments section below. We ask that the final balance on the bird be paid and delivery arrangements be made within seven days of notification of weaning.

additional comments or requests_______________________________________________________________

PLEASE NOTE! We CANNOT predict exact weaning time in advance on an individual baby.

*Cost for DNA sexing is $30.00 for non-specified gender- just to know the bird's gender
**Cost for specific gender varies with species/gender desired- $45-75. Click here for more info on DNA sexing charges.
***There is no charge for wing clipping. We do not cut nails.
*****Only required for certain states (ask us if uncertain); the charge is $50.00.
Please note! Deposits on fertile eggs and/or hatched babies are NOT REFUNDABLE. Once we have received a deposit and assign a bird to your order, it is no longer offered to other potential buyers, thus this affects our sales. Please do not ask for a refund once you have placed an order with us. Be sure before you send a deposit to us. Thank-you!
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