Rose-Breasted Cockatoos of
Aves International

Here are photos of some of our delightful baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoos. We have babies weaning now that will be ready to ship by mid-May throughthe end of June! The laying season is over and we have all of our chicks now hatched for the 2002 breeding season in Rosies! Like many really good things in life, the Rosie breeding season is short and sweet so don't miss ordering your 2002 baby!
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$1500.00 completely weaned and guaranteed for health

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profile of Rose-Breasted Cockatoo




Our favorite breeding pair of Rosies,
Sydney and Wally. We raised Sydney here sixteen years ago and she was a house pet for several years before becoming a breeder. She still talks to us!






 Alberto Monroy, our Ranch Manager, can still handle
a breeding pair of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos that we raised here at Aves International a few years ago!

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