(Cyanoramphus auriceps)

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adult Yellow-Fronted Kakarikis

newly hatched babies

approx. size: 8 1/2 inches/23-25 cm native to: New Zealand available season: year round
min. cage size: 18"x 12"x 18" talking ability: limited (none?) price: $250.00

This lovely small species is native to New Zealand, where it is protected.
Our stock came from pure bloodlines that were domestic-raised in Australia.

Best as aviary birds, kakarikis do not really enjoy being handled, but are very wonderful
as aviary birds. Their very quick movements and clownlike acrobatics are amusing to watch! They love to walk upside down across a wire ceiling. This species breeds easily and lays a lot of eggs. They can begin breeding at about six months of age. They prefer a cooler climate and shock easily in warm weather/climates. Ours are thriving on the southern California coast outside. They are dimorphic, males having larger upper mandibles than females.

Kakarikis are very active and social birds and do well housed in small flocks.They are happiest in aviaries/flights but can be caged in cages of a size suitable for a cockatiel.
The diet should be a fresh diet that is as natural as possible, supplemented with small milet seeds (budgie mix is fine). They like to scrach at their feed like chickens and have very
long beautiful toes.

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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