Umbrella Cockatoo
(Cacatua alba)

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This Umbrella Cockatoo chick is
about two weeks old.

This is a breeder hen from pair 15.

approx. size: 18 inches/46 cm native to: N. Molucca Is. - Indo available season: summer/fall
min. cage size: 48" x 36" x 48" talking ability: good price: $1200.00

The Umbrella is the most popular of the cockatoo species due to its loving personality and moderate price. Umbrellas can become very attached to their owners. This intelligent species should have a large cage but also have a play area where it can get lots of exercise and stimulation. A bored cockatoo is an unhappy cockatoo and the Umbrella needs a lot of attention. The Umbrella had a loud voice and can be quite vocal at times.
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