Senegal Parrot
(Poicephalus senegalus)

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approx. size: 9 inches/23 cm native to: west Africa available season: year round
min. cage size: 18" x 18" x 18" talking ability: very good price: $450./Orange-Bellied-$500.

What a wonderful pet is a Senegal Parrot! This small species is native to West Africa.
It is quiet, personable, and learns to talk and mimic sounds very easily. It does not require a large cage and is very reasonably priced.
Senegals love to play with toys and especially loves swings!


 The Orange-Bellied subspecies (Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus) is a
bit paler overall than the "regular" Senegal but with a deeper orange coloration on the abdomen. It is less common in captivity than the
nominate species but with the same personality traits.

These Senegal chicks are just a couple
of days of age. The chick on the left and the one in the middle are Sun Conures.

These Senegals are just over
two weeks of age.
At two-three weeks of age, these Senegal chicks are starting to feather.
They are very shy at this age.



Senegals should be fed a diet that contains a lot of fresh foods.
Click here for the recommended diet.

These two baby Senegals are the Orange-Bellied subspecies on the
left and the nominate "regular"
Senegal on the right.

There is no difference in personality
nor habits in the two subspecies.

These just-feathered Senegals are almost ready to go to a weaning cage.

A Sun Conure and two weaning Senegals.

Here are two baby Orange-Bellied Senegal Parrots.


Nominate Senegal Parrot on the left;

Orange-Bellied Senegal Parrot on the right.


Orange-Bellied Senegal Parrot on the left;
nominate Senegal Parrot on the right.

Senegal Parrots can be housed in relatively small cages. Cages manufactured for "small birds" or cockatiels are sufficient in size. Bar spacing of three-quarters of an inch is recommended. Senegals love to play and should be provided with lots of toys and one or more swings.

The Senegal has a lively and engaging personality
and is highly recommended for a family pet!

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