Ruppell's Parrot
(Poicephalus rueppelli)


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approx. size: 9 inches/23 cm native to: southwestern Africa available season: spring/summer
min. cage size: 18" x 18" x 18" talking ability: fair price: $750.00

This small species is endemic in southwestern Africa from central Namibia to southwest Angola.
This species is quite rare in North America and there are very few bred in the United States.

As adults this species is dimorphic. Adult females have blue feathers on the lower back and the rump,
and male birds lose this blue feather coloration as they become mature. Mature birds of both genders have deep yellow wing epaulets.


This baby Ruppell's Parrot is about six weeks of age.

These Ruppell's babies are
6-7 weeks of age.

The yellow feathering on the chest is a juvenile coloration and will disappear
with the adult molt.
At seven weeks of age, these Ruppell chicks are nearly fully feathered.
They are very shy at this age.

Ruppell's Parrots should be fed a diet that contains a lot of fresh foods.
Click here for the recommended diet.

This is a young bird.

Ruppell's Parrots can be housed in relatively small cages. Cages manufactured for "small birds" or cockatiels are sufficient in size.
Bar spacing of three-quarters of an inch is recommended. Ruppell's love to play and should be provided wit
h lots of toys and one or more swings.

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