Moluccan Cockatoo
(Cacatua moluccensis)

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Sorry, we no longer raise Moluccan Cockatoos!

approx. size: 17-20 in/40-50cm native to: Molucca Islands- Indo available season: summer/fall
min. cage size: 48"x 36" x 48" talking ability: good price: $1500.00

The lovely Moluccan Cockatoo is quite rare in its native habitat in Indonesia. As a pet it becomes quite attached to its owner. This is a large species and needs a lot of freedom out of its cage and a lot of attention. It has a loud voice and can be quite vocal at times. It is one of the most beautiful of the cockatoos and has lovely peach-colored plumage.

just-hatched Moluccan chick


pin-feathering chick

This bird is about 8-9- weeks of age.

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