Meyer's Parrot
(Poicephalus meyeri)

Sorry, we no longer breed Meyer's Parrots.
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approx. size: 8 1/2 inches/ 25 cm native to: central and eastern Africa available season: year round
min. cage size: 18"x 18"x 18" talking ability: good price: $600.00

baby Meyer's Parrots- blue subspecies (Poicephalus meyeri matschiei) on right

This lovely little Meyer's Parrot is a perfect small pet! Native to central and eastern Africa, it is quiet, but learns to mimic easily,
does not require a large cage, and has a sweet personality. It has personality characteristics similar to those of Senegal Parrots
but is perhaps a little milder.

The Meyer's can be caged in a small cage suitable for cockatiel-sized birds.
It should be fed a fresh diet that is as natural as possible.

The charming Meyer's Parrot has
a very mellow personality.


Meyer's are playful and
should be given a lot of toys.

The Meyer's is great for an apartment or for anyone who wants a quiet
smaller bird with a lively personality!



A Meyer's Parrot is a superb family pet!
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