Maximillian Pionus
(Pionus maximiliani)

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Sorry, we no longer raise Maximillian Pionus. This page has been left up for informational purposes only.

approx. size: 11 inches/ 27 cm native to: east-central S. America available season: summer/fall
min. cage size: 24" x 24" x 24" talking ability: very good price: not available, sorry!

The sweetest of the Pionus species is the Maximillian Pionus. This species is a superb pet
for a family and can learn to talk quite well. The large brown eyes of the Pionus Parrots
are quite appealing! The Pionus Parrots are relatively quiet.

 These delightful chicks are about nine weeks of age. The red on the forehead
is a juvenile characteristic and will disappear with age.

Maximillian Pionus Parrots make superb pets for children and families.
One of our hand-fed Maximillian Pionus babies is shown here with Alexa, the daughter of our
Nursery Manager, Chelo, and our Livestock Manager, Adan.


Pionus Parrots should be fed a diet that is high in fresh vegetables and fruits.

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They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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