Jardine Parrot
(Poicephalus gulielmi)

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approx. size: 11 inches native to: west and
central Africa
season available- year round
min. cage size: 2'x2'x2' talking ability: very good price: $900.00

The Jardine Parrot is a beautifully-colored species with a curious and playful personality. Native to west, central and east Africa,the Jardine can learn to talk quite well but is a quiet species as are all Poicephalus. It develops beautiful orange coloration on the forehead, thighs and wing epaulets with maturity.

Here is a Jardine at
about five weeks of age.

This is the same chick
about ten days later.




Jardine Parrots have a reputation of being susceptible to Aspergillosis but I have not found that to be at all true of the Jardine Parrots we own. I have owned many of my breeders for twenty years plus. I believe their good health is a direct result of the fresh food diet we feed.

Jardine Parrots are completely feathered at eight to nine weeks of age and wean at about twelve weeks.

This photo of one of our breeding pairs shows the beautiful adult coloration.

Please click here to read about our Jardine subspecies.

Our Jardine Parrots are quite a bit larger than Senegal Parrots and slightly smaller than Timneh African Greys.
These two photos show relative size of these three species.

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