Bronze-Winged Pionus
(Pionus chalcopterus)

Sorry, we no longer breed Bronze-Winged Pionus Parrots.
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approx. size: 12 inches/ 29 cm native to: n. western S. America available season: summer/fall
min. cage size: 24" x 24" x 24" talking ability: good price: $550.00

The Bronze-Winged Pionus is beautifully colored and has the calm Pionus personality.
In bright light, all the subtle coloring in its plumage is apparent. Pionus Parrots are
relatively quiet and are wonderful family pets!


 These Bronze-Winged Pionus chicks are about ten days old. This species grows rapidly but for an unknown reason takes a longer time to wean than do other Pionus species.


Pionus Parrots should be fed a diet that is high in fresh vegetables and fruits.

 At about a month of age, this Pionus chick is pinfeathering. By eight weeks of age,
it will be fully feathered and starting to fly. Bronze-Winged Pionus chicks wean
at about four months of age.





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