Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazon
(Amazona collaria)

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Sorry, we no longer raise Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazons but have left information on the site for
informational purposes.

approx. size: 11 inches/28 cm native to: island of Jamaica available season: not available
min. cage size: 30" x 30" x 30" talking ability: very good no longer produce this species

We are pleased to be breeding this rare little Amazon! After raising our first Yellow-Billed Amazon in 1984, we now have chicks from our original babies! We only sell these DNA-sexed for breeding stock and not for pets.

We imported our original founder stock of these beautiful birds ourselves in the late 1970s. The birds that we imported were on the evening menu of some folks from the Jamaican hills. We offered money to these people for the birds with which they purchased other food. We were able to save some birds that would have been doomed otherwise. The "Cockpit Country" in Jamaica is the natural home to this lovely species. We were always afforded the utmost of hospitality by the warm Jamaican people and thank the Jamaican Government for allowing us to legally obtain this rare parrot for our breeding program.

 A breeding pair of Jamaican Yellow-Bills guards its nestbox. Amazon Parrots are very defensive of their nests. Yellow-Bills should be kept in large flights and monitored carefully for obesity.

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