Hyacinth Macaw
(Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

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A Hyacinth chick at three weeks of age

These chicks are 7-8 weeks old.



approx. size: 37 inches/95cm native to: Brazil & Bolivia available season: winter/spring
min. cage size: 36" x 30" x 72" talking ability: very good price: $10,000.00

A picture is worth a thousand words in the case of the Hyacinth as this species is so very magnificent! With its great intelligence and calm demeanor, the Hyacinth is one of the most desirable of the psittacine species and commands a high price. Hyacinths eat mainly raw nuts in shell such as macadamias, Brazil nuts, walnuts, filberts, almonds, and hazel nuts and fresh coconut. They really do not eat vegetables and fruits very well in
most cases. We offer our regular psittacine diet mixture to our baby Hyacinths, but they mainly eat mixed nuts and coconut by the time they wean.
We recommend that newly weaned chicks be offered a variety of foods with plenty of unsalted, raw nuts in shell and fresh coconut.

Hyacinths that are not fed correctly as chicks will be stunted and of small size when feathered at three months of age. Babies beed a high fat
content in the hand-feeding diet to develop normally. Our Hyacinth chicks weigh 1400-1600 grams at maximum weight (approximately two- three months of age) and wean at between 1250-1400 grams.

Hand-rearing of this species can be difficult and, tragically, many chicks die each year at the hands of inexperienced hand-feeders.

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