Green-Winged Macaw

(Ara chloroptera)

Sorry, we no longer breed Green-winged Macaws.
We have left up this page for informational purposes only.
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Green-Winged Macaw chicks at nine
weeks of age.

Green-Winged Macawchicks should be fed the same formula as Hyacinth Macaw chicks (i.e higher fat content).

approx. size: 33 inches/85cm native to: South America available season: summer-fall
min. cage size: 36" x 30" x 72" talking ability: good price: $1750.00

This beautiful and gentle species is the second largest of the macaw species and is much in demand for a pet. It does not breed as prolifically in captivity as some of the other macaw species and thus commands a higher price. This species should be given raw nuts in the shell as part of its diet as large macaws need a higher fat content in their diets than do many other psittacine species.

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