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Blue-Headed Pionus in the nursery
on 5/9/06

Yellow-Sided Conure chick on 5/9/06

 We are hand-fed some delightful baby Greater Hill Mynah birds
from day one in the summer of 2006!

This baby is ALL MOUTH! This chick is eight days old in these images and growing very fast. Its eyes are just opening now.

Sorry, we have no babies available for sale and I do not have any information regarding future availability of mynahs.
images taken 6/1/06



baby Greater Hill Mynah on 6/7/06 (not for sale, sorry!) This chick grew fast!

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo baby on 6/28/06
We have sweet babies weaned and ready to go!

These baby Yellow-Naped Amazons
are almost ready for a weaning cage on 6/28/06.

This weaning Yellow-Thighed Caique
is enjoying spray millet on 6/28/06.

feathering Maximillian Pionus Parrots
on 6/28/06

weaning Blue-Headed Pionus (above) on 6/28/06

feathering Yellow-Sided Conure (image on left) on 6/28/06

feathering Umbrella Cockatoo on 7/24/06

This just-weaned Yellow-Thighed Caique
is available for sale!
baby Sun Conures love to lay on their backs to play

four species of Pionus Parrots

beautiful weaning Blue-Headed Pionus on 7/24/06

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo on 8/2/06

Yellow-Naped Amazon on 8/2/06

This Blue-Fronted Amazon went to his new home in 8/06.

Blue-Fronted and Yellow-Naped Amazon
parrots in the nursery on 8/2/06.


Yellow-Naped Amazon parrots in the nursery on 9/6/06.


This lively sweet Umbrella Cockatoo (image above) is sold.

very sweet Ducorp's Cockatoo (image at left)

sweet weaning baby Meyer's Parrot

Our nursery manager, Chelo, plays with an adorable
Rose-Breasted Cockatoo on 10/4/06.

These two baby Caiques were purchased by the same person and now have gone to their new home!


This Black-Headed Caique has gone to his new home!

Click image for larger version (best with large monitor and fast Internet connection)


images above and below of Yellow-Thighed Caiques were taken 9/7/06



weaning Congo African Greys cavort in the nursery on 9/6/06


lovely Jardine Parrot babies (images babove and below taken on 10/12/06)


wonderful baby Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon


Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

images taken 11/26/06


Two of our lovely tame weaned Ducorp's Cockatoos
We are accepting deposits for 2007 babies now!
The pink coloration on one's beak is due to eating cooked beet root-
a food that they love and that is an excellent healthy food for parrots!


 Featured Species Profile of the Ducorp's Cockatoo

The Ducorp's Cockatoo is both beautiful and rare!

adorable baby pin-feathering Green-Cheeked (Yellow-Sided) Conure
on 12/22/06 (image above)


Here is the same baby on 12/31/06, at right!

pin-feathering Green-Cheeked (Yellow-Sided) Conures and
Senegal Parrots in the nursery on 12/21/06 (above). We have babies
of both species available to be reserved now!

feathering Orange-Bellied Senegal Parrot (at right) on 12/21/06

Alexa, the daughter of our our employees Chelo and Adan,
cuddles a baby Orange-Bellied Senegal on 12/21/06 (see below)




Prints of digital photos of our babies are available.
Click here for more details!

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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